Truckload & LTL
If outrageous fuel costs have got your transport business running on empty, we can provide the tools to keep you going. Our truckload and LTL workforce management and dispatching solution helps improve profits while leaving waste and liability in the past. From streamlining routes and fuel efficiency to keeping your fleet in prime condition, our advanced tracking solution helps manage the maintenance that prevents breakdowns and costly repairs. With our simple web-accessible dashboard, you can easily watch over your vehicle operations. Schedule energy waste alerts for needless idling, abusive hard breaking, and excessive speeding. You can even keep an eye on refrigeration unit temperatures. Our solution can help you plan and enforce preferred routes and service areas. Vehicles travelling outside chosen boundaries will trigger alerts to keep your fleet on track. Deviations from authorized departures, routes, or schedules can be caught and corrected almost instantly, preventing theft, vandalism, misuse, and increased liability. Customized tracking also allows you to reroute and support vehicles based on their current locations. That means more deliveries and more profit without changing the way you like to do business. Enhanced oversight through GPS tracking raises performance and safety awareness as well as employee accountability. When it comes to the bottom line, which has the potential to translate into fuel savings of 5 to 15%.

Limo, Taxi & Delivery
When getting there is everything, there’s no room for mistakes.  And whether you dispatch bright yellow cabs or sleek slate town cars, your passengers won’t accept late, lost, or arriving last.  We provide the solution to track and dispatch town cars, limos, taxis, and delivery vehicles to analyze energy waste and optimize efficiency.  Increasing security, accountability, and communication, we watch out for your bottom line while you keep your eyes on the road. Our solution will run vehicle diagnostics in real time to predict and prevent breakdowns.  Monitor vehicle location, excessive speeds, and even idling times to recommend routes increase productivity.  Dispatch the closest vehicle to save costs and improve customer satisfaction. Our ability to help you manage vehicle maintenance schedules and maintain vehicle history can add longevity to your fleet and keep things in motion without undue downtimes.