Real Time Fleet Tracking Services

Real-time tracking with PositionIntel gives you the power of perfect vision, overseeing your fleet, your team, and your spending for a total efficiency overhaul.
Advanced GPS tracking with PositionIntel allows you to monitor company vehicles in the field from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Track your team in Real Time Fleet Tracking so you always know who’s closest to the customer or job site.  Reroute and respond in a flash to spare your team the runaround.  Even oversee arrivals, departures, and idle time for increased accountability and smarter everyday scheduling.
At-a-glance histories provide context for increased efficiency while customizable alerts provide up-to-the-minute feedback.  Stop waste in its tracks with instant notifications for speeding, unauthorized travel, and engine idling and identify dangerous drivers, theft, and misuse to prevent crises and limit liability.  In an emergency, smart GPS tracking can help you react at a moment’s notice, protecting your assets or fleet with security features like panic buttons and remote engine shutdown.
Your business isn’t like anyone else’s, so PositionIntel let’s you define your own GPS landmarks and boundaries for smarter navigation. We’ll even help you monitor vehicle maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and other periodic maintenance items to ensure fleet health and keep your team on the road.  Access it all from our user-friendly web dashboard where you can access easy to read, exportable tracking reports.
Enhanced oversight encourages your whole team to conserve resources and get the job done right.  That accountability can add up to big fuel savings, typically between 5% and 15%.  Our business partners also report reduced operational costs, less overtime logged, and fewer unscheduled maintenance bills. And GPS tracking improves customer satisfaction, enabling you to quote costs accurately and tame overhead while promoting sustainability in your community.
Visualize real control. Schedule a customized real-time tracking demo or webinar to see the possibilities.