Public Safety Tracking Solutions

When lives are on the line, the bottom line can seem insignificant.  But with public safety cutbacks nationwide, officials are asked to make impossible decisions every day.  That’s why our services provide real solutions to cut energy waste and carve out better budgets without compromise. Our high-tech platform allows you to locate and support first responders for improved safety and unmatched accountability. We provide advanced tools to optimize operations, all from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Along the way, we’ll alert you if a vehicle idles, wastes fuel, or is used without authorization.  Receive real-time updates from a simple web dashboard, and remotely monitor vehicle conditions and more for optimal fleet performance. Geofences can help you know when vehicles exit and leave defined areas or landmarks. Squad vehicles travelling beyond your chosen boundaries will trigger helpful alerts that keep your team on track. Deviations from authorized zones and schedules can be caught and corrected almost instantly, preventing theft, vandalism, misuse, and increased liability. Enhanced oversight through GPS tracking raises performance awareness and staff accountability. Fuel savings up to 15% are not uncommon, freeing up funds for other projects.