GPS Trailer Asset Tracking

Whether you ship in bulk, track cargo all across the country, or just need a dedicated eye on your investments, PositionIntel has advanced tracking options to secure your business into a brighter future. Our sophisticated trailer and asset tracking tools include durable, accurate Gps Asset Tracking devices for your fleet, trailers, or individual assets, as well as a clean, web-accessible interface to keep it all in view.
Worldwide, the biggest companies are turning to Gps Trailer Tracking so they don’t lose out on profits. PositionIntel helps track your big, small, and priceless assets to reduce loss and liability. In real-time, you can monitor trailers, packages, or even small valuables for more security and total peace of mind. Simply install our durable, energy efficient GPS devices alongside assets and oversee your whole operation from any web browser. With longer battery life and proven pinpoint accuracy, each tracker transmits customizable feedback including current location and speed of travel for enhanced security and precision scheduling.
Run your business your way with customizable notifications to track assets by schedule, location, and beyond. With our easy to master web portal, you can receive the alerts and reports that matter to you from any computer or mobile device. Establish consistent interval transmissions and limit acceptable transport activity to certain hours and areas. Set blackout times for when your assets shouldn’t be moved or create custom geofences for approved shipping routes. PositionIntel can help you implement automated notifications anytime an asset, trailer, or container moves when or where it shouldn’t. And tamper alert functions can help detect theft or inefficient transport based on location, direction, or even speed of movement.
Advanced trailer and asset tracking with PositionIntel can help prevent losses and even recover lost or stolen goods. That means less liability, better insurance rates, and an improved service reputation that promises perfection.
Just because you can’t be everywhere at once doesn’t mean you have to lose control. Contact PositionIntel and let us show you how smart tracking can work for you.