Government Vehicles GPS Tracking

Choosing advanced GPS Tracking with us can improve visibility and deflate bloated spending so you can get a whole lot closer to performing those fiscal miracles. By keeping a close eye on government Vehicles Tracking, we work to reduce fuel consumption, prevent theft and unauthorized use, and maximize labor efficiencies.  Our advanced diagnostic features can provide insight into ignition status, odometer readings, battery levels, engine fault codes, and coolant temperatures remotely, preventing maintenance expenses and delays.  Use our platform to schedule vehicle maintenance and maintain vehicle maintenance history.  Alerts can eliminate careless energy waste like excessive engine idling and speeding.  Need to know when the plow’s down or the sweeper’s sweeping?  If your equipment has a PTO, our reporting can tell you when and where it was used. Our dispatching module can help keep your staff in sync, rerouting support from the nearest vehicle in case of contingencies.  Officials may also opt for enhanced features like panic buttons and remote engine kill switches. Our solution can help your department identify when Government Vehicles GPS Tracking leave the yard and when they’ve reached their intended destinations.  Vehicles travelling beyond your chosen boundaries will trigger alerts to help get your fleet back on track.  Deviations from authorized zones and schedules can be caught and corrected almost instantly, preventing theft, vandalism, misuse, and increased liability. Enhanced oversight through GPS Tracking raises performance awareness and staff accountability. Fuel up to 15% is not uncommon when implanting our solution.