Field Services

    When your team spends more time out in the field than pushing paper at the office, you need direct, real-time solutions to fleet tracking and efficiency optimization.  Our solution empowers you to get a clearer look at fuel costs and overall efficiency so you can cut spending without sacrificing service. Our professional suite of tracking tools allows you to manage your fleet in real time, maximize employee efficiency through better dispatching, and all from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.  Reroute or reschedule at a moment’s notice, so your team can make the most of unpredictable schedules and calls.  With our platform, you’ll always know who is closest to an emergency.  And because it’s impossible to predict what happens in the field, our solution can watch fleet diagnostics to predict and prevent breakdowns and equipment failures.  Screen ignition status, odometers, battery levels, engine fault codes, and coolant temperatures remotely for a complete view of fleet conditions. By using our geofence feature, you can plan and enforce preferred routes and service areas, and make sure employees are meeting customer expectations.  Vehicles travelling beyond your chosen boundaries will trigger helpful alerts for keeping your team on track. Deviations from authorized zones and hours can be caught and corrected almost instantly, preventing theft, vandalism, misuse, and increased liability. Enhanced oversight through GPS tracking raises performance awareness and staff accountability. Fuel savings up to 15% are possible and we can help.