Smooth dispatch takes an ear to the ground and two keen eyes on the road ahead, so we give you the tools to track and react without looking back.  Dispatching with the help of PostionIntel’s GPS tracking platform empowers your team with real-time visibility for enhanced fleet control, improved customer support, and ultimate team accountability.
Manage your whole fleet from PositionIntel’s dispatching module.  Whether you’re escorting high-profile clients in style or sending your best handyman to the rescue, we give you total control with real-time tracking solutions.  Manage all your drivers from anywhere in the field with dynamic response tools and keep tabs on every vehicle to supervise efficiency while reporting pinpoint location data.  Dispatchers can remotely update in-vehicle mobile data terminals with destination information for the next job for hands-free navigation and safer driving.  React instantly to cancellations, breakdowns, and last-minute requests, providing the most accurate ETA’s and updates.
Clear and consistent tracking data at your fingertips means better fleet management and better customer service.  Enhanced dispatching with PositionIntel provides full fleet visibility in real time for optimized communications.  Track vehicles to and from destinations and always know who is closest to an emergency.  View vehicle locations relative to other team members, job sites, or customers for efficient dispatch without the runaround.  Save fuel and time with smart routing, avoiding back tracking, overlapping, and wasteful waiting.
Predicting the roads is tough enough, but in the dispatch business you manage more than just a fleet.  Dispatching support with PositionIntel helps you react fast when employees are late, lost, or laid-up with the flu.  Remotely reschedule your team to fill in the gaps and put idle vehicles to use when there’s no time to lose.  Advanced GPS tracking ensures responsive flexibility, so your company can boast the shortest ETAs in an emergency.  Cancellations, traffic, and frantic customers are impossible to predict, but total visibility let’s you react and reroute in a flash.
Keeping your team on track is just the beginning.  Contact a PositionIntel expert for a free consultation or webinar that puts you in the driver’s seat.