Construction GPS Tracking

    For a tough job like construction, you need the right tools on and off the job site.  Our platform grants you the power to track your fleet, dispatch, optimize crew management, and eliminate overall energy waste from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. From heavy equipment to company trucks, our advanced tracking tools help cut fuel costs, reduce theft, and help keep a closer eye on your overall operations.  Customize comprehensive reports and real-time alerts to monitor excessive idling, speeding, measure fleet productivity, prevent unauthorized use of equipment, and more.  Easily schedule and maintain fleet maintenance with our friendly web-based solution.  Keeping an eye on fleet condition helps you predict and prevent failures, saving on wear and tear as well as fees and fines. Our geofence feature can help you plan and enforce preferred routes and job sites.  Vehicles travelling beyond your chosen boundaries will trigger alerts to keep your fleet headed in the right direction.   Deviations from authorized zones and schedules can be caught and corrected almost instantly, preventing theft, vandalism, misuse, and increased liability.  Customized tracking also allows you to reroute vehicles based on their current locations. When your business isn’t limited to an office, unforeseen costs can add up fast.  Enhanced oversight through GPS tracking raises performance awareness and crew accountability. This translates to an average fuel savings of 5% or higher for many of our clients.