About Us

What sets us apart?

We are a family owned company that is out to make a big impact for our clients because we truly understand that what gets measured will get improved.

You will find our affordable pricing structure and our ability to customize our platform to suit your specific needs to be the most intriguing. Most solutions out there are expensive, require long-term contracts, and are not willing or able to fully customize to their client’s individual needs. You will find working with us to be the complete opposite.

The adaptability of our technology enables the customization of solutions to provide a specific set of data that supports each individual organization’s needs. We love to take on complex projects and unique situations; this is where we believe we can have the most impactful resolutions for our partnering organizations.

Increasing productivity, reducing expenses, minimizing risk, avoiding loss, and improving customer experience all require real-time insights and data into your organization.  “What gets measured gets improved.” Our technology will allow you to have a better understanding of your day-to-day operations, your assets and your employees to aid in making more educated decisions.

Whether you’re a small to medium sized business, large corporation, or government agency, the ability to see and manage your resources is critical to your success, competitiveness and sustainability. By supporting multiple wireless carriers, mobile devices, and over 500 different tracking hardware devices, we are confident we can provide you a customized a solution you will be pleased with.